50 Shades of Blue

Don’t worry – this isn’t a post about an S&M romp with a multimillionaire. I mean clearly that would be a money-making story, but the shades that I’m here to discuss belong to my bridesmaids, not the illustrious Christian Grey.

There are zillions of choices and opinions when it comes to bridesmaids dresses. I changed my mind a couple of times (surprise, surprise!) but there was one thing I always knew for sure – I wanted to avoid this moment:

So, what should you consider when deciding on bridesmaids dresses? Here are four things:

Bridesmaids Trials

Bridesmaids Trials

1. Your Bridesmaids! These ladies are the ones you cherish more than all others, remember? Listening to their thoughts and desires is important to you, right? I know that the bridal haze can cause your vision to get cloudy, however you don’t want to cause dissension among the ranks because of selfish dress choices. Also, we know that all women were not created equal size, shape, and age; don’t be surprised when one dress doesn’t work for all your girls.

2. Hair Colour. I had 2 beautiful redheads in my party – red, orange, pink, and yellow were off the list. For the record, the redheads would have worn baby poo green, barf orange, hand-knitted, yarn dresses if I’d asked them to – I was the one that decided not to torture them with clashing colours.

Junior Bridesmaids are all set

Junior Bridesmaids are all set

3. Price. Add hair, makeup, shoes, gifts (yes, plural), showers, bachelorette, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera and I just felt it would be unconscionable to ask the girls to spend $300+ on a dress.

4. Weather. A scantily clad ensemble is not cute in January and a long satin gown is a death sentence in July. Duh.

Initially wanting them to wear emerald green and then nixing it because I could only find grass green, I decided on blue – it was wearable, appropriate for September, and worked for the redheads. These only stipulations that I set: each girl had to select their own style that they felt comfortable in and the price point had to be reasonable. And yes…okay…as cliche as it is, I wanted them to get dresses that they could wear again. Sue me.

Avoiding sketchy, all you can eat Brazilian restaurants, my girls and I set out to find the right dresses – a whopping nine dresses to be exact. After several trials, we decided that Dessy’s Alfred Sung line offered the most variety, had the simple elegance we were looking for, and came in dupioni (my fave) fabric. To my mother’s horror (though she now agrees that I was right), I also decided that the girls would wear different shades of blue:

  • MOH in Midnight (aka navy)
  • Bridesmaids in Royal
  • Junior Bridesmaids in Mosaic (like a turquoise blue)
  • Flower Girl (as a compromise to my mum) in a homemade dress made from a multi-coloured floral print material that incorporated all the shades of blue (she was right on this one)
Alfred Sung

Alfred Sung bridesmaids (photo credit: Tracey Nolan)

Best For Bride hooked us up (again) – because we ordered more than seven dresses, each girl received 20% off their purchase. Including tax, I believe that most expensive dress was about $200, with most girls paying in the $150-$190 range. As far as I know, my girls were happy – one dress was even adjusted (after purchase) to fit my sister-in-law who was seven months pregnant on our wedding day – now that’s versatility!

My girls did well, didn’t they? Definitely gave Mr. Grey a run for his money.

Our own version of Bridesmaids

Our own version of the Bridesmaids cover (photo credit: Tracey Nolan)



13 thoughts on “50 Shades of Blue

  1. i still don’t know why we didn’t go with knit yarn, Puke orange dresses. We have been dreaming about those since high school! And I would like to thank you again for avoiding non redhead friendly colours… Cara and I are eternally grateful!


  2. Rebecca,

    You did exactly what journalists try to do to pull the reader into the story– align it with something timely –and your headline certainly did that.
    I love blue and the many different shades. I also think Alfred Sung is a design talent.



  3. Great post Rebecca — and great prices based on my experience for bridesmaid dresses! Costs certainly can rack up fast, so it’s a great way to ease the pressure by letting them chose something they feel comfortable in, and paying for!


  4. This was fun to read – so many memories! I absolutely loved my dress, it fit my very pregnant body quite well lol.
    The Bridesmaids pic of us is still one of my all time fave pics ever from a wedding 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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