I am a digital girl living in a digital world. Knowing this, I decided that I wanted to curate online content that chronicled my wedding journey – this blog was an after thought, so it doesn’t count. Lord knows that future children will be looking to digital sources, not our printed album, to see what mommy and daddy looked like on the day that we were married.

Reviewing all of the options that would accomplish this goal, the hashtag was the reigning queen. For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, hashtag is defined as “a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the hash character (or number sign), #, to form a label…(use) in messages on microblogging and social networking services such as Facebook, Google+, InstagramTwitter.” This sweet little # symbol works wonders for sharing your wedding content and developing your personalized tag is a creative way to connect your guests to valuable details and memories.

The power of the hashtag is almost immeasurable (though I’m sure digital marketers and tech experts would politely disagree). Visual images and information that are connected to your tag can give your guests an impression of your wedding theme, expected dress code, what you’re excited about, or all the hard work you’ve been putting into the big day. You are the curator so you can share as much or as little as you like; as you get closer to your wedding date you can encourage others to use it as well! Sharing will help your content grow exponentially – in mere moments, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook will become an unlimited online database of your wedding adventure. I suggest that you create a hashtag that is unique and hopefully isn’t being used by another couple (at least not yet); this is challenging and there is no guarantee that someone else may never use the same tag, but “nothing ventured, nothing gained,” as they say.

wedding hashtag promotion

wedding hashtag promotion

To advertise the hashtag, I started early. All wedding related status updates, photos, and videos were marked with the tag as we laid the wedding groundwork. Shopping trips, DIY projects, preparation days, showers, and the bachelor/bachelorette parties were shared and tagged on various social media outlets. Expanding from there, I created various signs that showcased the hashtag and cute “please share on Instagram” messages (sidebar: enjoygram will pull up all your tagged Instagram photos for web viewing for the instagram-less people in your life). You can purchase pre-made signs through Etsy and various online stores, but you can definitely DIY fairly simply. I created 5×7 signs, printed them on cardstock, and placed them in a variety of Ikea frames – all done for under $25.

Ikea frames, spray painted gold, $0.99 for 2 frames.

Ikea frames, spray painted gold, $0.99 for 2 frames.

I have to tell you, the best reason to use a hashtag for your wedding is sentimental, really. Yes, to all those who might be rolling their anti-digital eyes, hashtags can be sentimental. A wedding hashtag allows you to see your day through your guests’ eyes with the simple click of a button or tap of a touchscreen. Let’s be real, the bride and groom miss out on many things throughout their wedding day; with all the people to see, things to do, and photos to take, you just don’t have the time to soak in each moment. Waking up the morning after your special day to review a slew of selfies, videos, candid moments, images of your DIY projects, and photos of you and your new spouse is just a wonderful thing. We saw how much we enjoyed our day and how much our guests enjoyed it as well. The hashtag cost us nothing but had a huge impact.

Every now and then, I search the hashtag online and find photos that I haven’t seen before or recall moments that I absolutely loved about our day – our future kids will be proud, I think.

Now that I’ve convinced you of its importance, how will you hashtag your wedding?

Please use hashtag #ZachWedsBecca

Please use hashtag #ZachWedsBecca (photo credit: Tracey Nolan)


4 thoughts on “#ZachWedsBecca

  1. Great post! We’ve also decided to use a hashtag as I think it’s a great way to collect photos and videos in this digital age. For those who don’t feel creative enough, I googled a hashtag generator to help give me suggestions that ranged from simple to more advanced.

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  2. I do agree with hashtagging. However, I wonder about the digital photos a few decades from now. Do you think JPGs will still be viable? I love digital photography but I do print important pix.


    • Good point, Donna. We also made a printed photobook (done online, of course) and my mother certainly requested several prints. A mix of “digital and original” is definitely important – especially for special memories.


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