“No Moment Left Behind”

Don’t skimp on a wedding photographer. It’s just a bad idea. The last thing you want to do is look at an album (whether it’s digital or print) full of poorly captured, ill crafted images of all your worst angles. Of all the places where you can cut your wedding costs, photography isn’t one of them – be prepared to shell out some decent dough on this crucial service.

the "money shot" Photo Credit: Tracey Nolan Studios

the “money shot”
Photo Credit: Tracey Nolan Studios

How do you ensure that you choose the right photographer? Here are 7 things to consider:

  1. Style. Are you a traditionalist, a photojournalist, or a high fashionista? The best way to discover your preferred style is to look through a variety of wedding photos and select the images that you’re drawn to – also, you can use this helpful chart.

    What is your wedding photography style? Credit: http://ow.ly/JsFpl

    What is your wedding photography style? Credit: http://ow.ly/JsFpl

  2. Shooters. Do you want/need 1 or 2 photographers? I recommend 2.
  3. Hours. What parts of your day do you want captured? Consider everything – bride and groom getting ready, first look, ceremony, portraits, entrances, speeches, bouquet toss, first dance. Making these decisions will help you determine how many hours you’ll need to contract. Also, don’t be a jerk. Your photographers are working all day and it is your obligation to feed them.
  4. Cost. What is your budget and is it realistic? $1000 will not get you 2 skilled shooters from sun up to sun down. Determining how many hours you need (see #3) will put you in a better position to research what it will cost.
  5. Prints. How will you receive your prints? Beware: many photographers only allow you to print up to 5×7 images on your own; larger prints must be ordered through them due to copyright. Each photographer has their own policy so be sure to read the fine print.
  6. Engagement Photos. Are they included with your package and do you want them? I believe that these photos help you get comfortable with your photographer; this kind of exposure (no pun intended) helps build on point #7.
  7. Chemistry. Do you and your beloved jive with the photographer? If you don’t, keep it moving and hire someone else.

I met Tracey Nolan at my friend’s bachelorette party. She had been commissioned to come out and meet the bride to be and hang out with the girls before Nicky’s wedding. I didn’t know it at the time but Tracey was destined to be our photographer too. Nicky’s wedding photos were a testament to Tracey’s talent, but it was her website tagline that hooked me – “No Moment Left Behind.” Isn’t that exactly what every bride is looking for? Someone to see, feel, understand, and ultimately capture, the most special moments of your day? Apparently, Miss. Nolan is also a brilliant marketer.

Tracey, as a person, sweetens the deal. Thinking about her, the words kind, soulful, spirited, and warm come to mind. She exudes a cool vibe, is hilarious, and is truly passionate about her craft. For our wedding, she brought her sister and second shooter, Maureen, along for the ride. The familial relation meant that Maureen exuded the same soothing vibes and the dynamic duo made magic at our wedding. I don’t think my words will ever truly describe how truly happy I was (and still am) with their work.

I received that video the day after our wedding (at no extra cost); Tracey’s reasonable price and incredibly quick turnaround time were added bonuses. Tracey, if you’re reading this, that video still brings tears to my eyes, and while this might be an “overshare,” I sometimes watch it when I’m annoyed with Zach and my annoyance quickly dissipates. I hope that Tracey Nolan will be a photographer for a long time; she’ll certainly be our chosen photographer for all future events, if she’s willing.

So, what is today’s food for thought? Select a photographer who is passionate about their work and invested in YOU. If you’re still confused and living in the GTA, hire Tracey Nolan Studios. 


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