Just Do It (Yourself…Again)

Just when you thought I was done with DIY…to quote Cher Horowitz, “As If!” I promised you 4 more DIY projects and I always deliver on my promises.


photo credit: Tracey Nolan

Place Cards. They can be expensive – it is actually shocking. After completing this DIY project, I realized WHY they are so expensive. Simply put, they are an insane amount of work! I should start a place card making business and become a millionaire, no joke.

Since we offered choice meals for our guests, place cards were required by the venue. We had 3 meal options which meant that we needed 3 ways to differentiate each person’s meal selection and, of course, I wanted to create something whimsical and creative (I’m so ridiculous). I found a free Avery template online that creates small tent cards and downloaded a free font that matched other printed documents. After typing the names and table numbers for each of our 148 guests, I went to Staples and had the place cards printed (and occasionally reprinted) for a reasonable price and then headed to Michael’s (coupons, can’t forget the coupons!) for a scrapbooking tool and stamps.

My MOH and I found a fancy Martha Stewart hole puncher on clearance – it makes paper look like a lace doily. I also bought a box of 24 rubber stamps and 3 different shades of blue ink pads. After cutting and scoring each and every place card, I lovingly punched 4 holes into each individual place card. 4 multiplied by 148 is 592 – this is where the wine came into play. I reviewed the list of meal selections and stamped the appropriate colour blue (royal, light, or turquoise) for each adult meal and each kid got a character stamp (i.e. a kitten, a frog, a monkey). Each card was placed, with sticky tack, onto a chalkboard frame (also bought on clearance) that I picked up at Home Sense. It worked out beautifully…and the wine was delicious.

the finished product

the finished product

Husband hard at work

Husband hard at work

 Card Box. This was all Zach. I had a small chest that my aunt gave to me years ago and we decided that it would be a lovely box for our envelopes, except for the fact that it was covered in Victorian flowers. We picked up some ivory and blue spray paint and a pack of stencils (on sale at Michael’s) and Zach got to work. He sprayed the entire box ivory, taped everything off and painted the edges blue, and then perfectly stenciled “B&Z” on the front. I cannot believe what an amazing job he did – I mean, I can…he is a painter by trade, after all.

Candy Bags. We definitely wanted a candy bar as we knew it would be a hit with our kid guests – big and little. I liked the idea of personalized candy bags but I found them to be pricey – this is where my love affair with Vistaprint began. Vistaprint makes all kinds of things for businesses, but I’m here to tell you that they really make all kinds of things for weddings! Plus, they offer amazing deals when you sign up for their emails – I shopped their semi-annual 50% off sale twice.

personalized candy bags

personalized candy bags (photo credit: Tracey Nolan)

We used our engagement photos to create 3 personalized stickers; we added our names and wedding date and 3 different sayings to each one: “Hugs & Kisses from the Mr. & Mrs.,” “A sweet ending to a new beginning” and “Take a little, take a lot. Grab a treat, we tied the knot.” I bought gold, silver, and white loot bags from a party store and used scalloped scissors to trim the edges. Personalized and unique, don’t you think?

Programs. I really didn’t think we needed ceremony programs but apparently people still like having one. Vistaprint’s simple, double-sided rack card was perfect for this project! Names of our people on one side and ceremony schedule on the other. My bridesmaids used 2 corner cutters to fancy them up a bit, but that was it! Quick and dirty – they got the job done for under $60.

“Thank You Place Card.” This was something that I saw on PinterestEtsy, and just in a Google key word search – a standard note for each person’s place setting that reiterated how much it meant to us to have them there to celebrate our special day. I could not find a pre-made card with the perfect wording so I reviewed a number of different options and combined some excerpts with my own wording. I designed and ordered standard Vistaprint postcards with double-sided printing and the corners were cut the same as the programs. We received tons of compliments on the cards (two came from my friends’ husbands – who says guys don’t notice things at weddings?!) and people found them to be incredibly thoughtful. To spend $40 on something that really impacted our guests was 100% worth it to me. Without our family and friends, we truly would not be who or where we are and we felt that our guests needed to know that.

There you have it – 4 more DIY projects for you. Lesson learned: some can be more labour intensive than others, so be sure you have some wine on deck for those challenging moments. Cheers to that – what are you DIY-ing this weekend?


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