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Have you heard stories about the horrors of managing your RSVPs? They’re all true. I’m telling you, I don’t know how people managed this important part of their wedding before cell phones, tablets, emails, and internet. I’ve heard endless stories about response card horrors – people will forget to write their names, make a meal choice, identify who is coming, decide to write down and RSVP for someone who isn’t invited, or fail to send their response cards altogether. You’ll also be surprised by how many people lose/throw out/spill coffee on their invitations and thereby lose all of the vital details of your wedding day times and locations. So, while I believe in some paper traditions, online information sharing for your wedding is the way to go.

Welcome to

Welcome to via The Appy Couple

We knew we wanted a “wedsite”, but all of my research led me to something even better. Appy Couple! A systematically coordinated website and app (available for iPhones and Androids), the company offers stylish designs that allow you to create and share your wedding content and manage your RSVPs, all for a reasonable price; their Boutique Collection of designs sells for $35 while the Luxury Collection is $69 (for unlimited use). With well over 500 templates, you are sure to find a design that suits the theme of your wedding – although there’s no need to worry, you can change your design at your leisure.

Once the registration was complete, I realized that our chosen RSVP management system did so much more than manage RSVPs! Here’s an overview of each “appy” element:

Welcome: Upload an engagement photo (or any other photo), welcome your guests, and thank them for logging in.

Stories: Share your love story with your guests or tell them about the journey to your big day. This can add an intimate detail to your site.

Gallery: Upload and share photos of your planning stages and then allow guests to do the same on your big day.

Event Information

Event Information

Events: We created Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony, and Reception events and managed invites and RSVPs for each one. You select who you would like to invite to each event and the system does the rest.

Upon logging in, each guest will be able to view which events they have been invited to and can RSVP accordingly. It was very convenient to be able to manage Rehearsal related information here – one less headache! Some people use the site for Bridal Shower information as well.

Key People: Identify the members of your wedding party, upload their photo, and share stories about them, if you wish.

Travel & People information

Travel & People information

Travel: Whether you’re having a destination or local wedding, you can provide necessary transport and hotel information for your guests.

Registry: If you’d like to share this information, you can create direct links to all of your associated registries.

Guest List: Input all of your guests’ names, grouping couples and families together, exactly as they were displayed on the invitation. This ensures that the system will only allow invited guests to access your site/app.

RSVP: How does the RSVP feature work? When you register your account you will be provided with an access code that you can share with your guests. To submit their RSVP, guests enter their name and the access code and provide their email address; you can approve or deny guest logins, if you wish. The system will create a list of everyone’s email addresses in case you need to email and share updated information.

You can track and print all data for attendees at each event, and be up to date on who you are still waiting to hear from – everything is at your fingertips! The site also allows you to offer meal choices, which as you saw in Just Do It (Yourself…Again), was a requirement for us.

Map to Venue and other locations

Map to Venue and other locations

One of my favourite things about the app was the mapping feature. If a guest downloads the app, they can log in on the day of your wedding and access turn by turn directions to all of your event venues. The Wedding Guest experience doesn’t get more convenient than that!

One final note – for ease of access, we purchased a domain from GoDaddy and used the vanity URL on our invitation information card (no websites on the formal invite).Appy Couple now offers this feature upon registration so there’s no need for third-party involvement. Visit to check our site.

Appy Couple really thought of everything and I am here to vouch for that. So come on, get appy! How appy are you?


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