Let’s Hear It For The Boy(s)!

Sometimes boys get the shaft when it comes to weddings. While modern wedding culture has created more opportunities for gentlemen to enjoy wedding planning, in my relationship I was the (mostly) happy captain of our wedding ship.

The men in my life are important though and as a lucky sister to two brothers, the daughter of a pretty great dad, a friend to some wonderful men, and a (now) wife to an incredible guy, I knew that celebrating the boys was going to be a crucial part of our wedding.

For my cousins and older brother, who were our ceremony Ushers, we kept things simple – booze! I just felt that they would appreciate the liquor more than an empty flask with their initials on it. We picked something special that we knew they’d enjoy.

Freeman Formalwear, Michael Kors tuxedos (photo credit: Maureen Nolan)

Freeman Formalwear, Michael Kors, style 1224, tuxedos (photo credit: Maureen Nolan)

Our groomsmen were a unique collective. All funny, fun-loving, all around good guys, we wanted to give them practical and cool presents. In addition to the grey Michael Kors tuxedos (rented from Freeman Formal), we decided on:

Superhero t-shirts AND poses

Superhero t-shirts AND poses (photo credit: Maureen Nolan)

  • a Superhero t-shirt (hero chosen by each man)

    Ralph Lauren Polo Shoes

    Ralph Lauren Polo Shoes

  • Ralph Lauren Polo Sneakers, in blue and grey to match the girls and the tuxedos (the boys wore these for the reception and were very happy; apparently tuxedo shoes are not comfortable. I bought a pair for the groom too!)
  • Colourful socks, conveniently made by a company called Richer Poorer and sold at Elevator in Parkdale (Toronto, ON)
  • an authentic Cuban cigar
If it had been the girls in this photo, the socks would have been much more visible

The boys showing off their socks in the limo (photo credit: Maureen Nolan)

The other important boy in my life, my Dad, happily received a cedar cigar humidor that I purchased on Amazon, as well as another sentimental gift.
Growing up, my Dad always had a “hanky.” Maybe it was the way that he was raised (those nuns in the West Indies would not tolerate a sleeve wipe of your nose) or maybe it was just my Dad’s swag – either way, every time he was sick or suffering from his ragweed allergies, he always had a hanky in his pocket. Having seen them on Pinterest, I found beautiful embroidered handkerchiefs on Etsy and knew that my Dad needed one (for sentimental reasons, not for his nose).

A hanky for my Dad

A hanky for my Dad (photo credit: Tracey Nolan)

The morning after the wedding, my dad told me that he was going to mention the hanky in his speech, but when it came time he knew that he wasn’t going to be able to get the words out without having to use the hanky. I think this gift was a success.

So let’s hear it for the boys – what did you do to honour the special men in your wedding?


4 thoughts on “Let’s Hear It For The Boy(s)!

  1. Awesome post! Your Dad is from the West Indies? Awesome! What country?

    I can relate when it comes to the ‘booze’. I was involved with the wedding planning, but was COMPLETELY in charge of the bar, bartenders, labels (super sticker for premium), and quantity.

    Love the socks BTW!


  2. Hey, Dal! Thank you so much.
    My dad is a proud Jamaican who moved to Canada in his teens.
    Booze and socks were important parts of our day, especially for the boys haha. Check out Elevator in Parkdale if you ever get the chance. It is a great, stylish store (lots of socks).


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