I Thee Dread: Your Wedding Seating Plan

Your seating plan will make you want to cry. Don’t cry now! Just keep reading…

Once all those RSVPs roll in, you’ll realize that you now own the happy task of arranging everyone’s seat according to importance, who likes who, who doesn’t like who, and what your mom/spouse/aunt/friend/third cousin say. Are you understanding the tearful part now?

So many tables, so little time.  (photo credit: Credit Valley Golf & Country Club)

So many tables, so little time.
(photo credit: Credit Valley Golf & Country Club)

Of all the “how to create your seating chart without crying” methods that I researched, my MOH found the top of the top; she sent me a pin that outlined a foolproof guideline and I love her for it. Originally posted by BuzzFeed, here are the supplies that you’ll need:

  • a pen
  • a pencil
  • a piece of white bristol board
  • coloured post-it page markers, at least 2 colours
  • your venue’s floor plan
  • a cup, if you have round tables (and maybe for a glass of wine)
  • (wine)
  • a ruler
  • your guest list

Step 1: Trace your floor plan onto the bristol board with the pencil. If you have round tables, use the cup to trace the tables. If you don’t have round tables, grab a ruler to trace the tables and fill the cup with wine.

Wedding Seating Chart (courtesy of Buzzfeed)

Wedding Seating Chart (courtesy of BuzzFeed)

Step 2: Number the tables with pencil (in case you need to make changes).
Side Note: check with your venue to see if they suggest a method for numbering (our venue did, though I asked to alter it slightly).

Step 3: Select one coloured page marker to represent the groom’s guests and another to represent the bride’s. You can assign marker colours for friends, co-workers, or other identifiable groups but we kept it to “his and hers” only.

Step 4: Write the name of each guest on the appropriate coloured marker.
Tip: cross names off of your list as you write them on a tab so that you don’t miss anyone.

Step 5: Begin placing markers onto tables. Move markers around and switch things up as needed. I suggest starting with your head table because it will be the easiest.

This plug and play method is so simple that it was almost fun for me. Almost.
And, when I bragged to my mum about how simple the process was, she came over and re-did the whole thing. Thanks, Mom.

Have you tackled your seating chart yet? What method did you use for getting it done?


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