Here Comes The Anti-Bride

You’re supposed to wear white to your bachelorette party. Or maybe that should be: you’re supposed to wear white to your bachelorette party? This is a rule that I was not aware of and when I found out that it was common practice, I decided to ignore it. I wouldn’t wear white on my best day, never mind on a day that required drinking, dancing, and inappropriate references to male body parts – wedding day not included.

the unofficial anti-bride

the unofficial anti-bride

Instead, I wore a black peplum tube top that left little room for breathing, black cigarette style jeans, fancy black sandals, red lipstick (which I never do), a pink sash, and a male member whistle. This was more my speed.

I have no advice for you here. I just don’t want to tell you how to do this (for once) because it is your night. Instead, here’s the story of what I did:

We started the day with manis and pedis and then stopped for lunch at the local Greek spot, Just Greek (my out of town bridesmaid requested the delicious calamari). Then we headed downtown to a hotel for some R&R.

dicky slippers and my best girls

“dicky slippers” and my best girls

With 2 rooms, lots of champagne, and a pair of “dicky slippers,” we spent our afternoon laughing our heads off. “Dicky slippers” are just the most awesome thing to have at a bachelorette party. Okay, so one piece of advice: make sure someone gets you “dicky slippers.” As more guests joined at the hotel, I was showered with gifts of lingerie and other appropriately inappropriate items.

We grabbed a cab and headed to The Sultan’s Tent where our private tent experience awaited us. My mom was there with my aunts and had made beautiful, Moroccan inspired scarves for all of the ladies (FYI, there were 25 ladies – my mom is the best!). We had a waiter that was exclusively assigned to our group and the service was pretty impeccable. The food was yummy (beware: the olive dish is very salty) and the drinks were flowing all evening.

Me, my aunts, and my mum

Me, my aunts, and my mum

As I returned from a trip to the bathroom, a gaggle of loud ladies approached me and begged that I, as another bride, take a photo with their bride in order to fulfill a checklist of bachelorette party tasks. Sure, no problem! As the other bride approached I realized that she was an “all dressed in white” bride. I didn’t get a copy of the photo but I can assure you, I looked the like anti-bride next to that bubbling beauty. My troop and I laughed about this for the rest of the night.

As the belly dancing show began, it became very apparent that I was going to be brought up to dance with one of the pros. The beautiful and talented dancer taught me how to shake it and surprisingly it’s all in the knees! Shakira’s hips do lie! Belly dancing is focused on rapidly moving your knees and then everything else comes together. You’re welcome, ladies.

Dinner came to a close and a lot of whispering began. Please God, don’t let there be a stripper. I’m not a prude, I assure you, I just do not find anything appealing about hairless, greased up, creepy men. Thankfully, the surprise was revealed that my darling dad (coached by my mum) had arranged to pay for everyone’s dinner and drinks; the tears started flowing and I got on the phone to call him. Though he was half asleep, he was able to hear the loud “THANK YOU” from all of my girls. Everyone was touched by his generosity, especially me.

My MOH with her head in my lap, debating about some late night pizza, in the hotel room

My MOH with her head in my lap, debating about some late night pizza, in the hotel room

We kissed my mum and aunts goodbye and headed out for some dancing. To be honest, I don’t even remember the name of the place. I do remember lots of laughing, completing dares, drinking, and then ordering pizza at 3am. A night with my best girls was all I needed and it was the perfect way to send me off into married life. The greasy breakfast the next morning wasn’t too bad either.

How did you spend your last night of single girl freedom and were there dicky slippers involved?

Bride and her bridesmaids

Bride and her bridesmaids


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