7 things every Bride needs to know

Of all the wedding stories that I’ve shared, the most important lesson (that perhaps should have been shared first) has to do with real survival. Our wedding truly was the most fun we’ve ever had, and though everything wasn’t absolutely picture perfect, it really was for us.

During this magical, scary, wonderful time in your life, love and support are the most important things you’ll need. As you can sort of see in the video above (my apologies for the quality…and the singing), being surrounded by loving kindness, fun, and excitement was sheer bliss!

So, how can you also create this fabulous feeling and a magical “Drunk in Love” video with your bridal party, you ask? Here are 7 things you need to know:

1. Great Expectations
Try to keep your expectations in check and realize that this is a choice. We actively chose to do whatever we could to prepare for our day and then we chose to let it all go and enjoy every minute. Putting this positive ju-ju into the world is always a good idea and it will help you stay focused on what really matters.
I mean, did you read last summer’s story about the couples who lost their venue? One bride was told right before walking down the aisle that their reception hall had been closed by the landlord. I later read that she walked down that aisle, got married, found a place to go, and ordered pizza and Swiss Chalet for her guests. If she can suck it up, anyone can.

family is key - especially ones that will do this

family is key – especially when they do this

2. The Real World
This experience is fleeting. Enjoy it while you can and don’t let it consume you entirely. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’ll need to maintain your career, relationships, household, and finances throughout the labourious wedding process.

3. Ask For Help
Inevitably, even the most organized bride will need assistance at some point. Be sure to request the help that you need – you’re not meant to be doing this in isolation.

4. Say what you mean, mean what you say
Be clear, concise, and kind. It is possible, and necessary, to be all three. You’ll have your moments of frustration, upset, and “cancel the whole thing, I’m eloping in Mexico,” and that is okay. Express yourself and keep it moving on a positive plane – you’ll be happy you did (and so will your friends and family).

our thank you card

our thank you card (thanks to Vistaprint)

5. Be Grateful
Be prompt with your thank you cards. You know that you have to do thank you cards, right? People love to get thank yous and really appreciate when you make an effort to send them out as soon as possible. If you include wedding photos, you get extra brownie points.

6. Be Married
Try and spend some time with your spouse on your wedding day, even better if you can grab a few minutes for just the 2 of you. We were able to do this during our portrait session and those moments are ones that I will cherish forever.

7. Take Advice…some of it, at least
Yes, you will get loads of unsolicited advice and sometimes you will just want to throw things and yell and scream like a teething toddler. Buuuuuut, we can not, will not, do that! Okay, we won’t do it more than once (fine, twice).
Most people do mean well when they give advice and if you’re a smart cookie you’ll be able to differentiate between the good tips and bossy twits.

So to all the Brides out there, think about the kind of Bride you want to be and then commit to being that woman. You deserve to be happy and being happy is a choice that you must make.
Your wedding is one day, your marriage is the rest of your life – don’t you want to start it off on the right foot?

after our "I Do's" and our first kiss

after our “I Do’s” and our first kiss


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