New Orleans is unlike any place I’ve ever been. It isn’t Europe, it isn’t the Caribbean, it isn’t America – it is a perfect eclectic mix of all 3 with its’ own unique heartbeat. With the right food, atmosphere, architecture, and people,  NOLA makes you feel right at home and far, far away, all in the same moment. I predict that a visit to the Big Easy will make you want pack your bags and return time and time again, or perhaps move there all together.

Here are some NOLA things that I loved:


Cafe Du Monde: the name makes so much sense, based on my “unlike anywhere else, eclectic mix” comment. The coffee is divine and the beignets are glorious – yes, it is a quasi-religious experience. Spend some time on Decatur too – it’s an endless show of people watching, horse-drawn carriages, and music.

Bourbon Street: it becomes a ridiculous kind of crazy on the weekend so I preferred to visit on a weekday night (fine, I’m old). The music and the dancing are a riot – walking from bar to bar with a drink in your hand doesn’t hurt either.

Riding a streetcar: they are nothing like Toronto streetcars. They make you feel like you’re in a time warp and you actually want to ride them.


Streetcar on Canal

Photo opportunities: everywhere and of everything.


rare form beauty on Frenchmen


Drinking a Hand Grenade and/or a Hurricane:  you may or may not regret it, but I promise it will feel worthwhile at some point.

The Boys and their meal (for four)

The Boys and their Emeril meal (for four)

Emeril’s: Chicken for Two with all the fixings. Nuff said.

Walking until your feet want to fall off: it really is the best way to see things and take it all in; bring baby wipes because your feet will be covered in a thick layer of dirt by the end of the day (if you’re wearing sandals).

Getting a tattoo at Electric Ladyland: because why not? My husband got his first tattoo here and I am still kind of jealous. Staff are friendly, atmosphere is welcoming, and the work is impeccable.

Crescent City Books: it was on a friend’s list of places to visit and we stumbled upon it when we weren’t even looking for it! Again, time warp feelings abound in this place…and the book smell – it was lovely!IMG_1640

The Praline Connection: If I had to choose my last meal for my last day on earth, the cornbread and the Jambalaya would be it. The friendly service makes this spot even more enjoyable. Thanks, Tracey Nolan!

So, if you are thinking of going somewhere, go to NOLA. If you aren’t thinking of going somewhere, why not go to NOLA?! Anyone who has seen it, will agree! Now tell me, what are your favourite things about New Oreleans?


NOLA – one day!


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