“Girls with Curls”

Wandering through a sea of smooth, sleek hair has always been hard for me. I have never, will never, be the girl who can wash and wear her hair without the manipulation of 3 tools, 7 products, and a lot of heart.

my face, when contemplating my curly hair...

my face, when contemplating my curly hair…

Over the years, I’ve been troubled by curls and in love with them. I was teased about my hair for many years and spent a long time wishing and hoping that it would change. It sounds so vain, but it was something that really bothered me. Now that I’m older and (sometimes) a little wiser, I’ve figured out some things that work for me, my locks, and my bank account. I’ve come to understand that sometimes I need to invest in products to make my hair work…and sometimes I’ve got to say no to the $50 hair gel.

Here are the items that help me get by when it comes to curls:

  1. Coconut Oil: Not only is my hair curly, but it’s thick and has a tendency to be dry. Every week I cover my hair with coconut oil, comb it through with my fingers, and put it into a top knot for the whole day. After a shampoo and condition, the lustre is revitalized…at least for a few days. I buy Nutiva at Bulk Barn.
  2. An occasional appointment with the Curl Ambassadors: the price point is more than I’ve ever paid for a cut and style, but the personalized treatment and curl education makes the experience worthwhile. They taught me that when your ends don’t curl, it’s time for a haircut. Who knew?!
  3. Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner: I learned that you should apply this product to soaking wet hair to really lock in the moisture. I buy the 1L bottle for $50.00.
  4. Microfiber towel: scrunch your hair with this towel and soak up the excess water.
  5. Diffuser: because I don’t want to look like a wet dog OR like I stuck my finger in a socket, the diffuser helps me find a happy medium.
  6. Girls with Curls: Good old, dippity-do. I used their green, curly hair gel all throughout high school and was truly devastated when it was discontinued. I was recently perusing Wal-Mart’s hair product selection and found a new line of products for curls. Sulphate-free? $5.96? What is this all about?
handsome man & curly head

handsome man & curly head

  • Shampoo: It’s sulphate-free but still gets a decent lather. It smells good and you don’t need a ton of it to make your hair feel clean. And that’s coming from me – my hair is half way down my back (and at almost 6’2, I have a long back).
  • Conditioner: It’s not a necessity for me, but I use it a couple of times a week. I find it doesn’t go as far at the shampoo.
  • Gel: This is my favourite item of the trio. It’s light, doesn’t flake, and smells good – all of that is works in my books. I apply this to damp hair long before diffusing.

thanksEarlier this year, I decided to really let my curls live – I equate this to the experience of a new mom who chops off her tresses. My hair isn’t perfect, and it certainly drives me crazy, but it’s mine and it’s part of who I am. This doesn’t mean that I won’t flat-iron the crap out of it every now and again, but I now vow to enjoy my hair more than ever. I’m grateful for the volume, the body, and the curly madness.

For all the real girls with real curls, what are your favourite products?


5 thoughts on ““Girls with Curls”

  1. As an asian with weird “not straight, yet not quite wavy” hair, I can relate to the love-hate relationship. I, too have recently embraced my hair’s natural shape, hence the recent chop of 7 inches. It just looks better now that the cut can help the waves rather than hide them, and seriously who has time for a blow out and style everyday when you have an 8 month old?!
    I’ve always loved your curls, I think they’re glorious and voluminous and ultra feminine 😃

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  2. I feel you, sister. I am still working on the relationship with my hair! One day… One day. However, I would just like to say how much I love your curls. I miss them and dream of them often. Curl on friend, curl on.

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