Ontario Open Road

I recently drove along highways 132, 41, 28 and 18, on the TransCanada highway, from Nepean (Ottawa, ON) to Horseshoe Valley Resort (Barrie, ON) and I was shocked. I mean, yes it took almost 6 hours (with stops), but more than that it was one of the loveliest drives I’ve taken…and I didn’t have to go far from home to do it!


Here’s why I loved it:

  1. The scenery. Do you know how beautiful Ontario is? It has some seriously gorgeous spots! I can’t tell you how many times I drove around a bend and a perfect idyllic pond was just there – complete with animals, flowers, trees and untouched natural beauty.
  2. The singing. I was Rihanna, Sam Smith, the cast of Nashville, members of A Tribe Called Quest, and Serena Ryder over the course of 6 hours. I’m fairly certain that the few people who saw me appreciated my musicality.
  3. The air. It really is fresher, cleaner, and smoother outside of Metro Toronto.

    do you see the flag?

    do you see the flag?

  4. The Canadiana. I have never seen more Canadian flags in my life. There were flags situated in the middle of fields, on houses, and in store windows. My heart swelled with pride.
  5. The alone time. As life changes and the near constant pushes and pulls bring us further away from ourselves, it really is important to take some time to connect with yourself. Also, you also learn a lot about who you are when you are in the middle of God knows where and you lose signal on your phone/GPS.

I found myself smiling a lot on this trip – the sheer enjoyment of the open windows on the open road, and the beauty that surrounded me really was a powerful lesson in gratitude. My positionality in the world affords me the ability to drive a car, alone, in the middle of nowhere and feel safe and secure – to many, that would be a true gift. I loved spending this sacred time on my own and am grateful that I can recognize the value of these moments.



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