7 things every Bride needs to know

Of all the wedding stories that I’ve shared, the most important lesson (that perhaps should have been shared first) has to do with real survival. Our wedding truly was the most fun we’ve ever had, and though everything wasn’t absolutely picture perfect, it really was for us.

During this magical, scary, wonderful time in your life, love and support are the most important things you’ll need. As you can sort of see in the video above (my apologies for the quality…and the singing), being surrounded by loving kindness, fun, and excitement was sheer bliss!

So, how can you also create this fabulous feeling and a magical “Drunk in Love” video with your bridal party, you ask? Here are 7 things you need to know:

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Here Comes The Anti-Bride

You’re supposed to wear white to your bachelorette party. Or maybe that should be: you’re supposed to wear white to your bachelorette party? This is a rule that I was not aware of and when I found out that it was common practice, I decided to ignore it. I wouldn’t wear white on my best day, never mind on a day that required drinking, dancing, and inappropriate references to male body parts – wedding day not included.

the unofficial anti-bride

the unofficial anti-bride

Instead, I wore a black peplum tube top that left little room for breathing, black cigarette style jeans, fancy black sandals, red lipstick (which I never do), a pink sash, and a male member whistle. This was more my speed.

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I Thee Dread: Your Wedding Seating Plan

Your seating plan will make you want to cry. Don’t cry now! Just keep reading…

Once all those RSVPs roll in, you’ll realize that you now own the happy task of arranging everyone’s seat according to importance, who likes who, who doesn’t like who, and what your mom/spouse/aunt/friend/third cousin say. Are you understanding the tearful part now?

So many tables, so little time.  (photo credit: Credit Valley Golf & Country Club)

So many tables, so little time.
(photo credit: Credit Valley Golf & Country Club)

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Let’s Hear It For The Boy(s)!

Sometimes boys get the shaft when it comes to weddings. While modern wedding culture has created more opportunities for gentlemen to enjoy wedding planning, in my relationship I was the (mostly) happy captain of our wedding ship.

The men in my life are important though and as a lucky sister to two brothers, the daughter of a pretty great dad, a friend to some wonderful men, and a (now) wife to an incredible guy, I knew that celebrating the boys was going to be a crucial part of our wedding.

For my cousins and older brother, who were our ceremony Ushers, we kept things simple – booze! I just felt that they would appreciate the liquor more than an empty flask with their initials on it. We picked something special that we knew they’d enjoy.

Freeman Formalwear, Michael Kors tuxedos (photo credit: Maureen Nolan)

Freeman Formalwear, Michael Kors, style 1224, tuxedos (photo credit: Maureen Nolan)

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Delovly Design

Wedding flower DIY is not for the faint of heart. I know this because I (along with a friend, my MOH’s mom, and my mother) decided that we would assemble all of the wedding flowers. My mother is an interior decorator and has worked in and with flower shops over the years. My MOH’s mother (affectionately called “Mama Lu”) owned her own floral business for many years and continues to do floral work when she has the chance. Amy Delov, owner of a Toronto business called Delovly Design, has wonderful passion and keen eye for floral design. My floral roster was stacked, I want to clear about that. Here’s how our flower adventure unfolded.

Flower stock

Flower stock purchased for our DIY

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How to Vow – 5 tips for writing wedding vows that don’t suck

I don’t think wedding vows should have the word “death” in them. I know, I know, who am I to alter hundreds of years of wedding tradition? I’m just one bride, really – one who thinks that bringing up the inevitable passing of your partner, on your wedding day, is just not necessary.

I think that vows should be happy-go-lucky statements of love and devotion that reflect the people who are saying them. Take Napeloeon Dynamite for example – this film depicted an awesome wedding scene and while they said traditional vows, this is more my speed:

Kip and Lafawnduh aside, here’s my advice for writing your wedding vows:

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The Appiest Couple

Have you heard stories about the horrors of managing your RSVPs? They’re all true. I’m telling you, I don’t know how people managed this important part of their wedding before cell phones, tablets, emails, and internet. I’ve heard endless stories about response card horrors – people will forget to write their names, make a meal choice, identify who is coming, decide to write down and RSVP for someone who isn’t invited, or fail to send their response cards altogether. You’ll also be surprised by how many people lose/throw out/spill coffee on their invitations and thereby lose all of the vital details of your wedding day times and locations. So, while I believe in some paper traditions, online information sharing for your wedding is the way to go.

Welcome to zachandbecca.ca

Welcome to zachandbecca.ca via The Appy Couple

We knew we wanted a “wedsite”, but all of my research led me to something even better. Appy Couple! A systematically coordinated website and app (available for iPhones and Androids), the company offers stylish designs that allow you to create and share your wedding content and manage your RSVPs, all for a reasonable price; their Boutique Collection of designs sells for $35 while the Luxury Collection is $69 (for unlimited use). With well over 500 templates, you are sure to find a design that suits the theme of your wedding – although there’s no need to worry, you can change your design at your leisure.

Once the registration was complete, I realized that our chosen RSVP management system did so much more than manage RSVPs! Here’s an overview of each “appy” element:

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