“Girls with Curls”

Wandering through a sea of smooth, sleek hair has always been hard for me. I have never, will never, be the girl who can wash and wear her hair without the manipulation of 3 tools, 7 products, and a lot of heart.

my face, when contemplating my curly hair...

my face, when contemplating my curly hair…

Over the years, I’ve been troubled by curls andΒ in love with them. I was teased about my hair for many years and spent a long time wishing and hoping that it would change. It sounds so vain, but it was something that really bothered me. Now that I’m older and (sometimes) a little wiser, I’ve figured out some things that work for me, my locks, and my bank account. I’ve come to understand that sometimes I need to invest in products to make my hair work…and sometimes I’ve got to say no to the $50 hair gel.

Here are the items that help me get by when it comes to curls:

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